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Russian Lesson 1 The Russian alphabet (with sounds) Group2

2. The False Friends

The next group of letters includes eight false friends, called so because they look like other English letters or even numbers but have different pronunciation.

В в - pronounced as "v" in "victory"

З з - pronounced as "z" in "zero". Despite similar form, this letter has nothing to do with the number three.

Н н - pronounced as "n" in "noon"

Р р - pronounced as "r" in "bright" (you should roll it like British actors do when reading old poems)

С с - pronounced as "s" in "soup"

У у - pronounced as "oo" in "shoot".

Ч ч - pronounced as "ch" in "chair". This letter is not the number four.

Х х - pronounced as "h" in "hoopla" or "ch" in the Scottish "loch" 

Listen to 

Let's read and then check yourself

Words you can read now:

Весна - spring (season)
Ус - moustache
Чек - a check, receipt
Метр - meter
Хвост - tail
Верх - top

Check yourself now 

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