5 Eylül 2009 Cumartesi

Free Online Russian Course

Welcome to Language Academy

we are so happy to inform you that We offer a 
Free Russian Course For Beginner with the highly qualified Russian teacher.

No Need to Pay money to attend school , Language Academy is the better place to learn Languages

Being able to decipher the Russian alphabet will open you the doors to understanding maps, restaurant menus and street signs. You will be able to read words at the hotel and the airport, expand your Russian vocabulary and progress with virtually every aspect of your Russian language study.

You will learn the basic phrases in Russian

• how to greet and address someone
• how to say you don’t understand or you don’t know
• how to ask if anyone speaks Russian
• how to thank someone

During the lessons you will listen to, speak and use Russian!

At the end of that course you will know how to say hello and goodbye, find out who people are and exchange greetings. You will also know how to cope if you don’t understand.

Welcome to our Russian lessons with a native speaker.

* Develop your listening skills and speaking
* Improve your pronunciation
Improve your career
* To feel more confident speaking in Russian

The Course will start 1/10/2009....
More details about how can you attend the online class will be here in 20/9/2009.....

if you want to attend the online class , please Post your name and your country.

Tell all your friends about the free class 

The class will be in English

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